Top 10 Best Budget Gaming Headset in Philippines 2023


If you’ve ever dived into a game and wished you could hear every footstep, every explosion, and every whispered plan with crystal clear clarity, you’re in the right place. Welcome, gamers and audiophiles! This is your one-stop destination for finding the “best budget gaming headset” that will ramp up your gaming experience without emptying your wallet. We know gaming is not just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. And we believe that immersive, high-quality sound should be accessible, regardless of your budget.

Think about it – you’re in the final circle in a Battle Royale, your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, but you’re ready. What if you could hear your opponent’s steps approaching from the right? That’s the difference a good gaming headset can make – it could be the difference between victory or defeat.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey, a quest if you will, through the realm of gaming headsets. From the stylish RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1 to the versatile HyperX Cloud Stinger Core, the fun and whimsical ONIKUMA X11, and seven other contenders, we have sifted through the noise to bring you the top 10 budget gaming headsets. We’ve looked at sound quality, comfort, design, and value for money, all to help you make an informed decision.

So, ready player one? Let’s drop into the game and turn the volume up. Get ready to experience your games in a way you’ve never heard before, without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into the epic saga of the best budget gaming headsets on the market today!

List of 10 Best Budget Gaming Headphone Philippines

Best Budget Gaming HeadsetPrice
1. Razer Kraken X Edition₱ 1,459
2. Awei A780BL Over The Ear Foldable Headphone₱ 840 – ₱ 999
3. Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones₱ 1,200 – ₱ 1,524
4. ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Virtual 7.1₱ 1,899
5. Edifier G2 II 7.1 Gaming Headset₱ 1,699 – ₱ 2,490
6. Rapoo VH310 Game Headset₱ 899
7. RAZER Barracuda X₱ 4,995
8. ONIKUMA X11₱ 1,499
9. RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1₱ 920
10. JBL Quantum 100₱ 1,319 – ₱ 1,595

1. Razer Kraken X Edition

Estimated Price ₱1,459 :- Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOn the Ear
Cord Length1.3 m
Driver Unite40 mm
Highest frequency12 Hz (Min) – 28 kHz (Max)
Weight‎250 g

Review of Razer Kraken X Edition

The Razer Kraken X Edition headphones are a versatile choice for gaming enthusiasts. With a design that is both sleek and less bulky than its counterparts, these headphones balance aesthetics and comfort impressively. The lightweight build and thick padding around the ear cups ensure a cozy fit, allowing you to engage in extended gaming sessions without discomfort.

The headphones feature a top-notch boom microphone, ensuring clarity in your voice during team discussions and planning in multiplayer games. The mic does an excellent job at minimizing background noise, ensuring your callouts and communications are crystal clear. However, one area of concern is the headphones’ bass-heavy sound profile. While this can add depth to the sound effects in games, it could potentially overpower the in-game dialogue or music.

When it comes to build quality, the Razer Kraken X Edition feels a tad fragile. Its rigid headband and non-detachable cable might raise durability concerns. However, it compensates with its practical compatibility, as the 3.5mm jack provides versatility in connecting to various devices.

Why you should buy this

The Razer Kraken X Edition is an excellent pick for gamers who value communication. With its high-quality boom microphone and noise handling, it guarantees clear communication in the heat of the game. Furthermore, its comfort and 7.1 surround sound capabilities make it a potent tool for an immersive gaming experience.


  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Excellent microphone quality .


  • Bass-heavy sound might not suit all

2. Awei A780BL Over The Ear Foldable Headphone

 Estimated Price ₱840 – ₱999 :- Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOver Ear, foldable
Battery Capacity250mAh
Battery Charge Time2h
Battery LifeStand-by Time: 100h
Talk Time: 12h
Driver Unite40mm
Highest frequency20-20000Hz
Maximum Bluetooth range10m
Weight‎164 g

Review of Awei A780BL Over The Ear Foldable Headphone

The Awei A780BL Over The Ear Foldable Headphones bring an immersive audio experience to the forefront. Powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and equipped with a 40mm drive unit, these headphones deliver high-impact audio, complete with rich bass and bright treble. This makes it an ideal companion for gaming sessions, music enthusiasts, and even audiobook lovers.

One of the standout features of these headphones is their IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof rating. This ensures your headphones can withstand accidental spills or sweaty workouts, adding to the overall durability. The dual charging option is another notable feature, offering the flexibility to switch between wireless and wired charging with the help of a 3.5mm aux jack.

Moreover, these headphones come with a reliable 250mAh battery, ensuring consistent performance for 8-10 hours, whether you’re gaming, listening to music, or on a call. The folding design is a nice touch, making it easy to carry during travel or when you’re on the go.

Why you should buy this

The Awei A780BL headphones are a reliable choice if you seek high-quality audio, comfort, and durability. With its efficient sound performance, long-lasting battery life, and IPX5 water resistance, this headphone is an excellent value for money. Its user-friendly foldable design and the convenience of hands-free calling add to its overall appeal.


  • High-impact audio with thick bass and bright treble
  • Durable with IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof rating
  • Long-lasting battery life and foldable design .


  • Lacks active noise cancellation feature .

3. Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones

Estimated Price ₱1,200 – ₱1,524 – Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeSemi-Open, Binaural
Battery capacity400mAh
Battery Charge Time1.5 hour about give you 4 hour
Battery LifeAbout 50h
Driver Unite40mm
Frequency  range20 – 20000Hz
Maximum Bluetooth range10m
Active Noise Cancelling, WaterproofYes

Review of Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones

The Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones mark their presence in the audio market with several impressive features. One of the most significant being the HIFI-level sound quality, thanks to the 40mm strong magnetic diaphragm unit. This unit ensures balanced sound across high, medium, and low frequencies, providing a rich, immersive audio experience that will appeal to music lovers and gamers alike.

One cannot overlook the convenience of the Active Noise Cancelling feature, enabling listeners to immerse themselves in the audio without being disturbed by surrounding noises. The headphones also come with an HD call microphone, ensuring voice clarity during calls. The added touch of voice identification offers a more sophisticated, interactive user experience.

Lenovo has equipped these headphones with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, offering fast and stable transmission. The flexibility to switch between wired and wireless connections adds to the convenience. Another impressive aspect is the strong battery life, with up to 15 hours of playback time on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.

Why you should buy this

The Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones are perfect for individuals who seek high-quality audio, convenience, and longevity. With impressive sound quality, Active Noise Cancelling, and strong battery life, these headphones offer a balanced mix of performance and comfort. Moreover, the ability to switch between wired and wireless modes provides flexibility based on your needs and preferences.


  • Excellent sound quality across all frequencies
  • Active Noise Cancelling for immersive audio experience
  • Strong battery life and fast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity .


  • Call quality might degrade in noisy environments .

4. ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Virtual 7.1

Estimated Price ₱1,899 – Check latest price below

Product Specification:- 

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOver Ear
Cord Length6 feet / 1.8m
Driver Unite50mm
Ear Cushions100% protein leather, Fast-cooling memory foam
Weightappr. ‎310 grams
Wireless, LightingNo

Review of ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Virtual 7.1

Think about the last time you were fully immersed in your favorite video game, when every sound and detail made your pulse race. If that’s the kind of experience you’re craving, then the ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Virtual 7.1 might just be the game changer you need.

This headset delivers an outstanding 7.1 virtual surround sound that lets you pick up even the faintest in-game chatter or distant gunshots. It’s like being in the heart of the battlefield, with all the action unfolding around you. Now, imagine playing “Call of Duty” and hearing your enemies’ footsteps from yards away or the rustling of leaves in “Assassin’s Creed” as you traverse through the wilderness. That’s the kind of sound precision we’re talking about here!

But what’s a good gaming session without comfort, right? The H3 is designed to feel like a cushion around your ears. It’s snug yet light, perfect for those marathon gaming nights. Plus, it effectively blocks out background noise so you won’t be distracted by the traffic outside or your roommate’s annoyingly loud music.

Why You Should Buy This

Let’s face it, not every headset in the market gives you the right mix of sound quality and comfort. This is where the ASUS TUF Gaming H3 shines. It’s built to deliver a next-level gaming experience without breaking the bank. So whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking to upgrade your gear or a newbie eager to jumpstart your gaming journey, this headset could be the perfect match for you.


  • Superior sound quality with 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Extremely comfortable for extended use
  • Excellent noise cancellation .


  • Short cable length

5. Edifier G2 II 7.1 Gaming Headset

Estimated Price ₱1,699 – ₱2,490 :- Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOn Ear, gaming headset
Cable length2.5m
Driver Unite50mm
Frequency response20-20000Hz
Weight‎265 grams(9.38 ounces)
Noise CancellingYes

Review of Edifier G2 II 7.1 Gaming Headset

You’re deep into your favorite game, bullets whizzing past and the bassline of the soundtrack reverberating in your ears. You want a headset that can keep up, that can make you feel like you’re in the center of the action. That’s where the Edifier G2 II 7.1 Gaming Headset comes in.

With 50mm drivers, the sound quality is impressive for a gaming headset in this price range. The sound is clear across the audio spectrum, so whether you’re defusing a bomb in “CS:GO” or jamming to your favorite tunes, the audio experience is immersive. However, those who prefer a bass-heavy sound might find the bass lacking a bit of punch.

Comfort-wise, the Edifier G2 II won’t disappoint. Its soft padding on the headband and earbuds ensures comfort during those lengthy gaming sessions. The glossy finish on the plastic might not be for everyone, especially since it’s prone to scratches, but it does give the headset a sleek look.

The microphone quality is good enough for gaming, with an omnidirectional pick-up pattern. This is fantastic when you’re playing in a quiet environment, but it might pick up unwanted noise in noisier rooms.

Why You Should Buy This

The Edifier G2 II 7.1 Gaming Headset is perfect for gamers who value both sound and comfort. Its 7.1 virtual surround sound capabilities make for an immersive gaming experience. Plus, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, even during marathon gaming sessions. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, comfortable headset that doesn’t skimp on sound quality, this could be the perfect match for you.


  • Good microphone quality
  • Decent sound for gaming
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Lighting effects .


  • Cables and microphone aren’t detachable

6. Rapoo VH310 Game Headset

Estimated Price ₱899 – Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOver the Ears
Headphone Cable240CM
Driver Unite50 mm
Noise CancellingYes

Review of Rapoo VH310 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset

Gaming requires more than just stunning visuals; it needs immersive audio that puts you right in the middle of the action. Enter the Rapoo VH310 Gaming Headset, a mid-tier headset offering virtual 7.1 channel audio that aims to deliver a stellar surround sound experience.

One of its standout features is the ENC noise reduction microphone. As any serious gamer knows, effective communication is key to multiplayer gaming. This headset lets you adjust the microphone angle and does an excellent job suppressing background noise.

The headset’s over-ear design is both practical and comfortable. It isolates noise, keeping those around you from hearing your game and ensuring that you’re not disturbed by the outside world. The earcups are soft and comfy, perfect for long gaming sessions.

The simple design, adorned with beautiful RGB lighting, is sure to appeal to gamers. However, it’s not just about aesthetics. The VH310 is made with ultra-strong, durable materials, a welcome feature for any product designed for everyday use.

Why You Should Buy This

This is the headset for gamers who want a combination of aesthetics and performance without breaking the bank. The virtual 7.1 surround sound, ENC noise reduction microphone, and comfortable over-ear design make the Rapoo VH310 a formidable player in the mid-range gaming headset market. It’s perfect for those who need a reliable, comfortable headset for prolonged gaming sessions and don’t want to compromise on sound quality.


  • Virtual 7.1 channel audio for immersive gaming
  • ENC noise reduction microphone for clear communication
  • Comfortable over-ear design
  • Stunning RGB lighting .


  • Wired connection might be limiting for some users

7. RAZER Barracuda X

Estimated Price ₱4,995 :- Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOver the Ear, Gaming
Battery Charge Time3h
Battery Life50 Hours
Driver Unite40 mm
Frequency Response20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max)
Maximum Bluetooth range10m
Weight‎250 g
Noise CancellingYes
Other ControlsMic mute on / off toggle,
Play/pause track,
accept incoming call or end current call,
skip track, previous track

Review of RAZER Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset

The Razer Barracuda X wireless gaming headset is a budget-friendly and functional accessory for your gaming arsenal. With its fairly neutral but slightly warm sound profile, it adds a touch of punchiness to your gaming soundtracks, making every action-packed moment all the more immersive.

One of its most practical features is the detachable boom microphone that delivers clear and natural voice transmission even in noisy environments, making it perfect for multiplayer gaming. The headset allows for wired or wireless use with a wireless USB dongle and an included cable for versatility, but disappointingly lacks Bluetooth and any companion software.

The Razer Barracuda X stands out with its sleek design that’s not overly flashy but still resonates with gamers. Its build quality is decent, primarily plastic with faux leather padding on the headband, offering a solid feel and longevity.

Why You Should Buy This

If you are a gamer on a budget looking for a versatile, decently built headset that doesn’t compromise on sound quality and microphone clarity, the Razer Barracuda X is the ideal choice. This headset is perfect for those who enjoy multiplayer games and require clear communication channels. Plus, the sleek design won’t let you down in the style department.


  • Detachable boom microphone for clear communication
  • Neutral, slightly warm sound profile for immersive gaming
  • Comfortable and sleek design
  • Versatile connectivity options .


  • Lacks Bluetooth and companion software


Estimated Price ₱1,499 – Check latest price below

Product Specification:- 

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOver Ear, wired
Cable Length2.2m
Driver Unite50mm
Frequency response range20HZ-20KHZ
Noise CancellingYes

Review of ONIKUMA X11 Gaming Headset

The ONIKUMA X11 Gaming Headset is a dynamic gaming accessory with a host of standout features. With 50mm drivers and stereo surround sound, it delivers clear, crisp, and rich sound for an immersive gaming experience. The headset comes with a 360° adjustable omnidirectional detachable microphone with noise reduction, ensuring your teammates hear your commands clearly without interference from background noise.

Designed for extended gaming sessions, the ONIKUMA X11 features soft over-ear cushions and an adjustable headband for enhanced comfort. It also showcases an impressive RGB gradient light effect and detachable cat ears, bringing a playful aesthetic touch to the headset and expressing your unique style and personality.

The build quality is impressive, featuring a braided wire for reduced external resistance, and the skin-friendly leather material used in the earmuffs provides long-lasting comfort.

Why You Should Buy This

The ONIKUMA X11 is a good match for passionate gamers seeking a blend of style, comfort, and quality sound performance. Its added features like the RGB lighting and detachable cat ears make it an attractive choice for those who appreciate a dash of personality in their gaming gear.


  • 50mm drivers and stereo surround sound for a rich gaming experience
  • 360° adjustable omnidirectional detachable microphone with noise reduction
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions with soft over-ear cushions
  • Unique design with RGB gradient light effect and detachable cat ears .


  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity
  • Might not be suitable for gamers looking for a more professional design.


Estimated Price ₱920 :- Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOn Ear
Braided Cables2.1m
Maximum power 30W
Driver Unite 50 MM
Microphone frequency100Hz to 10kHz
Ear FoamRemovable 
Noise Cancelling, RGB LightingYes

Review of RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1 Gaming Headset

The RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1 Gaming Headset is a high-quality and comfortable device designed to enhance your gaming experiences. With its 50mm audio drivers and 7.1 virtual surround sound, this headset aims to provide an immersive sound experience that makes your games feel more alive.

A standout feature of the RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1 is its maximum comfort. It features soft earpads and a foam-cushioned headband, designed to minimize fatigue and discomfort during prolonged gaming sessions. Its lightweight frame adds to the overall comfort and convenience of this gaming headset.

For communication, the headset comes equipped with a flexible gooseneck microphone featuring noise-cancellation capabilities. The built-in controller gives you full control over volume and muting the microphone when necessary.

The RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1 Gaming Headset is also sleek and stylish with its minimalist black design, making it suitable for everyday use. It also includes RGB lighting and removable ear foam for customization and easy maintenance.

Why You Should Buy This

The RAKK KUSOG PRO 7.1 is a great choice for gamers who prioritize comfort, sound quality, and stylish design. It provides an immersive gaming experience and maintains comfort during long gaming sessions.


  • 50mm audio drivers and 7.1 virtual surround sound for an immersive sound experience
  • Flexible gooseneck microphone with noise-cancellation
  • Comfortable for prolonged use with soft earpads, a foam-cushioned headband, and a lightweight frame
  • Sleek and stylish minimalist design with RGB lighting .


  • Lacks wireless connectivity

 10. JBL Quantum 100

Estimated Price ₱1,319 – ₱1,595 :- Check latest price below

Product Specification:-

Product SpecificationsValue
Headphone TypeOver the Ear, Foldable
Cord Length1.2 m
Driver Unite40 mm
Highest frequency20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max)
Weight‎220 g
Headphone Noise CancellingYes

Review of JBL Quantum 100 Gaming Headset

The JBL Quantum 100 is an entry-level, budget-friendly wired gaming headset that may appeal to those seeking straightforward, no-nonsense audio performance. Though lacking in extra features like RGB lighting and a dedicated companion app found in higher-priced models in the Quantum series, this headset shines in its quality boom microphone and satisfactory sound performance.

The headset’s sound quality is relatively balanced, with natural surround sound characteristics thanks to its 40mm diaphragm. This results in a neutral sound quality that doesn’t overemphasize bass, unlike many gaming headphones. Such balance ensures game sounds such as gunfire and explosions do not overwhelm subtler audio cues, like footsteps or distant vehicles.

The JBL Quantum 100’s microphone performance is quite commendable, capturing voice clearly with minimal background noise interference, making them suitable for in-game communication or phone calls.

One potential downside is the lack of sound optimization for music or movies. High frequencies may occasionally seem flat, and the overall sound quality may not satisfy more critical listeners or those seeking a headset for music production.

However, for its price point, the JBL Quantum 100 remains a strong contender in the budget gaming headphone market. Its minimalistic design and high comfort level make it a solid choice for gamers or movie enthusiasts.

Why You Should Buy This

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly, straightforward gaming headset with commendable microphone quality and balanced sound, the JBL Quantum 100 is a worthy contender.


  • Balanced sound for gaming with a natural surround sound experience.
  • Excellent microphone performance.
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions.
  • Very lightweight with multiplatform compatibility. .


  • Lacks advanced features like RGB lighting and dedicated companion app.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Budget Gaming Headset

Are budget gaming headsets worth it?

Absolutely! Budget gaming headsets can provide an excellent audio experience without burning a hole in your pocket. They might not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end models, but they can provide clear audio, comfort, and good microphone quality which are the most critical aspects for a gamer.

What is the most important feature to look for in a budget gaming headset?

Sound quality is arguably the most important feature to look for. However, comfort should also be a top priority, especially for long gaming sessions. A good microphone for clear communication is essential if you’re playing multiplayer games.

Can I use these budget gaming headsets with any gaming platform?

Most gaming headsets, including budget options, are designed to be compatible with multiple platforms – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile devices. However, it’s always wise to double-check the compatibility before purchasing.

Are wireless gaming headsets available on a budget?

While most budget gaming headsets tend to be wired due to the cost of wireless technology, there are some affordable wireless options out there. The quality and battery life may not match up to the pricier counterparts, but they can still provide a decent gaming experience.

Can budget gaming headsets deliver good bass quality?

Yes, many budget gaming headsets come with drivers designed to deliver robust and punchy bass. This quality might not be as deep or precise as premium headsets, but it’s usually more than satisfactory for an immersive gaming experience.

Do budget gaming headsets have surround sound?

Yes, some budget gaming headsets do offer surround sound. However, the quality of the surround sound may not match that of more expensive models.

How long can I expect a budget gaming headset to last?

The lifespan of a budget gaming headset depends on several factors, including build quality, usage, and care. Typically, you can expect a budget gaming headset to last for several years with proper care.

What is the role of the driver unit in a gaming headset?

The driver unit in a headset is essentially the speaker. It converts electrical signals into sound. A larger driver unit can usually produce better bass.

How does a noise-canceling microphone benefit gaming?

A noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise, enabling clearer communication with your teammates. This is particularly useful in multiplayer gaming where coordination is key.

Are budget gaming headsets comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions?

Yes, many budget gaming headsets are designed with comfort in mind, featuring elements like padded ear cups and adjustable headbands. However, comfort can be subjective and depends on the individual’s preferences and needs.

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